Thursday, January 22, 2009


dalam kepala aku nie dah mcm nak pecah. macam2 perkara yg aku pikirkan. la nie mmg tgh update sumer blog aku. mcm2 topik aku dah ketengahkan cuma nak kene besarkan jer lagi. kekadang maleh lak nak menulis....ekceli bukan kegemaran aku nie nak menulis sumer bende alah nie.....but want to earn money...have to do it.....

until today, i did read a lot of ebook about how to earn money with online business, how to get traffic, how to creat blog...etc....some of them i got it for free...some of it, i did buy it. but almost of it are clueless....they talk about the same thing...nothing new...and the best part is...their ebook is for 2 years, bit frustrated when u buy that ebook...but all the info, all the tips, all the story not updated...only past story.

now days, technology get more and more update....but if they only told about 2 years back story, how can i do it or put in my blog. so suck!!....

so..all the ebook writer....please do the right thought and have value story and update info for person like me and others. DON'T sell the rubbish thing!!!

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