Monday, February 2, 2009


more info...more info....more info
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here u must write an english only..a good article and u will get your point base on what are you write on. please do write on what u know...on what u like/hobbies...or what you always talk about. write it in 500 word, it will come out with lot of point. for good hub, u must write in original artical, no copycat at all from other writer.
try it once, its really fun. at 1st time i wrote my article...its really hard because i know what i want to talk about but i dont know how i want to explain it in a word. maybe u have been in this situation. its really funny but the time u wrote....more knowledge u will get know.

if your grammar is the worst thing when u want to write an article, dont get to upsat....just write on it. for reader who read your article and understand what you want to talk about and do understand what you want to explain to a reader is more important than a good english grammar article with no point or no useless topic on it.
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