Friday, September 4, 2009


Rubi just go back to her hometown that make me so lonely here and for today i Donno wat to cook for bebuka...the only thing keep blowing in my mind is 'masak sardin'...buat pedas2 punyer....uiisshhhh.....super duper put in 1 big potatoes in slice and spicy duper chilies....really2 got my ears bikin berasap...hahaha

Well today nothing much to do...just do my homework..signed all the paper...supervise my officer....n now update my blog. actually this laptop got a lot of virus...i did some maintenance on it...put anti dot...update windows..but still cant' doing main files have corrupted by virus..and need to format it again.

BTW, my life is still like this...its very complicated want to story what i was thinking about n what im going to do for myself in future. its so hard when we talking about world of love. There's so much good and bad thing happen....people come n a touch n go...but for must go on. i don't want to push it anymore. what im doing rite now is just let it being going by the flow. if u like me u can come n propose me but if not..let me out freely..but for him...he feels so bad to treat me like that....n now he being keep alwiz 'pujuk2 aku balik'...i just 'berserah pada allah...on what is best for me'...n the important thing and advise from my lovely mom...alwiz keep in touch with allah...dont forget to solat n berdoa. thats what im doing now. n im happy to do it. no more tension n frustrated on what happen around me. full stop!

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