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ICT-The new world trend. The era of 1 child 1 computer, children attempt school projects using computers. Computer, the compulsory learning tool

Score A is an e-learning product which has been developed by integration of Internet and SMS system in Malaysia. It is a total solution for the difficulties encountered by the students and parents. The students can develop their effectiveness and capabilities in Score A programme. The students can go through the examinations with confidence and getting excellent result.

The parent has no worry with Score A! The e-report card and the SMS system has provided them a perfect solution to keep track with the children's education. There is no more two times per year report card from the school in order to follow-up with their children level. Now, they can have the access to the e-report card and SMS anywhere everywhere.

The key to accomplishing good grades is Output Learning™ - the ability to retrieve and apply what you have studied or learn. Too many students do only Input Learning - reading, studying, memorizing & listening are only Input Learning - that is why students get average marks.

To excel, your children need Output Learning™. Discover how we coach your children using Output Learning™ techniques.

We have invested four years of research and development into this ultimate Output Learning™ tool that have been carefully designed to be in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.

We will help and guide your children to - BE EXAM READY & SCORE A's and endeavour the impossible to improve their work. Practice makes perfect. The will to succeed is important but what's even more important is... the will to prepare. Come examination day, your children will sail through the challenge with confidence and Score A's.

The problems encountered by you as parents:

1. Not able to appraise your child’s academic progress.
2. Too busy to monitor or supervise your child’s revision or homework.
3. Spend hard earned money but fail to achieve desired results.
4. Your child is exam phobic.
5. Your child faces high exam stress which affects both his / her interest in studies and performance level.
6. Unsure of your child’s exam readiness.

The solutions provided by Score A programmers:
1. Enhances parent-child interaction. Bringing better understanding to the parent of the child’s needs.
2. Ability to track child’s performance.
3. Accurate pin-pointing of weaknesses.
4. Gives children the added advantage of being exam ready.
5. Eradicates the fear of computer usage in both child and parent.
6. Easy access. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection

WEBUCATION BUSINESS= Web Education Business

Education is no more an expenditure.
Education account= Income account
Have you ever wondered?

-Every child is a precious gem
-Hope begins at birth
-ONE DAY-Your child will succeed in this world

University Dreams:
-Parents prayer-Your child will conquer the Ivory tower
-Takes photos with your children at the University Archway
-Convocation-Brightens family life
Children success= Parent's success

Your Children Needs Your Support
-To receive best education
-To do the best of all other students
-teach your child to fish=Higher Education


1.Highly Interactive: Attract students to have initiative to do mpre revision

2. Immediate Marks Given: Facilitates studets to identify their mistakes without referring to the answers

3. Time Management: Students need to answers during the stipulated time given.

4. eReport Card:Parents can monitor their child's educational progress, anytime...anywhere!

5. Cross Referencing:If students do not understand, they can click on eNotes & explanation will be given.

6.Study Plan:Students can supervise their revision & study time-table from previous records.

7. Number of Tries: Students can try 2nd & 3rd time to get the correct answer.

8. Motivational Quotes:Develop students' confidence if they get the correct answes.

9. e-Dictionary:Click to find out the word they do not understand

10. Difficult Levels-Game Stimulation:Students need to achieve 80 marks in order to move to a higher level.

11.`Hot' Questions: Direct from smart teachers. Not available from any bookstore

12. Ministry of Education Current Standards:The contents is up-dated to meet the current standard required.

13. National Competition: Students, nation wide can compete & also know their current placings

14. Annual Achievement Awards:Every year`Score A Scholar Night' recognizes & rewards top achievers.

15. Output Learning- Examinations are the output learning. Score A Programme..the ultimate output learning tool.

16. Easy Accessible:anytime...anywhere...No need to carry stack of books every time traveling.

17. Financial Rebate-study for free...Just introduce Score A Proramme to 4 families

Syllabus Contents:
Std 1-6
Bahasa Malaysia
English Science
Bahasa Cina

Form 1-3
Bahasa Malaysia
English Science
Bahasa Cina

Form 4 & 5 Art Stream:
-Ekonomi Asas
-Prinsip Akaun

Form 4 & 5 Science Stream:


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For online demo Score A Programme™, click on, Demo ID: 82828

Score A Programme™ – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, anytime, anywhere !

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